Ventosus is a key leader in the building services and energy industry in Hungary. Since the early 2000s, we have been providing extensive engineering support to architects, engineering designers, building developers, and operators, from the initial idea through to implementation. This comprehensive service includes planning, expert advice, energy consultancy, and technical inspection.

We leverage Building Information Modelling (BIM) to create digital replicas, enabling us to work more efficiently in both virtual and physical spaces. To achieve this, we also utilise 3D laser scanning technology, which allows us to measure building dimensions, industrial and commercial facilities, and heating and cooling systems with millimetre precision.

Choose our team and experience the benefits of our professional mindset.

Choose our team and experience the benefits of our professional mindset.


Building Engineering Services: Our team specializes in designing all aspects of building engineering services, encompassing: renewable and sustainable energy, geothermal systems, heating and cooling, water supply, sewage systems, stormwater management, ventilation, and gas supply.

BIM Design Solutions: Our advanced 3D modelling processes help us to realise the benefits of BIM for our clients. These include: much improved accuracy and coordination, significant risk and costs reductions, increased productivity and efficiencies, greater sustainability, and enhanced communication and collaboration.

Technical Supervision: We provide professional technical and building engineering supervision and monitoring for stakeholders throughout the duration of their projects, ensuring that each aspect meets the desired standards and specifications.

Engineering Advisory Services: We provide comprehensive professional advisory services for building developments, including conducting studies, calculating financial returns, and showcasing technical solutions along with their benefits and challenges, empowering clients to make informed decisions.

Project Management: We provide end-to-end support for the entire lifecycle of each project, from initial conception to the final Closeout Phase. Our dedicated project management ensures seamless coordination and execution of all phases of your project.

Clash Detection, Management and Resolution: Clash detection is a technique used in BIM that speeds up building projects by detecting conflicts and clashes between various models during the design phase.


Over the past two decades or more, the successful completion of numerous projects, and our loyal partners have validated our direction and reaffirmed our commitment to excellence. Below, we have highlighted a few defining milestones and projects in our journey thus far, where we have consistently provided high-quality engineering services in the fields of building services engineering and energy alike.

The Cédrus Liget Residential Park, in Szeged, Hungary, is an exclusive development offering approximately 600 residences, numerous stores, commercial and public buildings in a brown field setting. Its energy supply is provided by the second-largest geothermal district heating system in Europe, trailing only Reykjavík in Iceland. This system is supplied by thermal water sourced from nearly 2,000 meters below the surface and transported via an entirely new, city-spanning pipeline network that extends over 32 km. Finding a route for this pipeline in a city already filled with operational infrastructure was a substantial challenge, particularly when seeking to connect the residential park and significant public institutions. To ensure a seamless operation, an additional 3 MW boiler house was also established within the residential park to guarantee energy supplies during the maintenance periods of the thermal system and during peak usage. Furthermore, air-to-water heat pumps with a total output of 4.3 MW ensure the cooling needs from the rooftops of the buildings. Show me »

The PICK Sports Arena, in Szeged, Hungary, is the country's third-largest multifunctional sports arena, providing a captivating experience for more than 8,000 sports fans. This nearly 30,000 square metre facility hosts events for the Handball Champions League and Hungarian Championships. Its 3.2 MW heating requirement is primarily served by the city's thermal district heating system, as mentioned above. The facility moves almost 2 million cubic metres per hour of air volume to ensure comfortable ventilation, heat and smoke extraction, as well as pressurized stairwells. Show me »

Szeged is also home to the only cathedral built in the 20th century in Hungary. Szeged Cathedralis also known as the Votive Church of Szeged. Ventosus designed a unique heating system for this historic monument, utilizing the lowest temperature waters from Szeged’s geo-thermal district heating network. Every component of the Cathedral's floor structure was individually removed and then reassembled in their original positions following the installation of this innovative heating system Show me »

The new Illovszky Rudolf (Vasas) Stadium, completed in 2019, hosts one of Hungary's top-tier football teams in Budapest. The stadium offers a heated playing surface conforming to international standards, ensuring the most comfortable and pleasurable sporting experience for nearly 5,200 spectators even in winter. The heating energy supply for the service areas is provided by modern condensing gas boilers, while cooling energy is ensured by advanced liquid coolers. This design solution guarantees the best comfort for fans and optimal conditions for players all year round.

For the recently constructed Dombóvár Multifunctional Sports Venue, Ventosus was tasked with designing a water-to-water heat pump system to fulfil the year-round requirements for heating and cooling. Ventosus provided the source side with more than 100 vertical probes, each 100 metres deep. The hydraulic heating and cooling systems have variable flow rates and pressure stabilization, which maximize efficiency and cost saving. To minimize energy consumption and to simplify the system management, BUS system communicating energy management valves have been employed. In addition, specialist expertise and knowledge was required for indoor use of sports firearms operating with live ammunition.

The Balatonszemes Marina Promenade Penthouse apartments, Cafe & Bistro is a unique apartment complex, designed to resemble a sea-going vessel. It is situated on the largest lake in Central Europe, Lake Balaton. Ventosus were tasked with designing an innovative technological, highly efficient and cost effective solution to provide heating, cooling and hot wate supply for the entire complex. The solution is a ground-source water-to-water heat pump system, which provides exceptional energy efficiency. Since installation the solution has provided significant efficiency and cost effectiveness whilst providing high levels of thermal comfort year round. Show me »

The Swiss-based Givaudan Group, is a global leader in the manufacture of food and drink flavourings and fragrances, established its latest factory in Makó, Hungary, more than a decade ago. The company's objective is continuous improvements in energy efficiency and minimizing energy consumption in the face of rising energy costs. Our engineering services have been supporting their endeavours for a greener future for several years. Ventosus replaced the existing steam-based hot water supply with a water-to-water heat pump, which, thanks to a precise sizing process, operates with an efficiency (SCOP, SEER) index above 6 throughout the year. As a further step, to reduce steam usage, we also modified a part of the heating system using another 1 MW water-to-water heat pump. Ventosus utilized the 1.2 MW efficiently from the cooling energy generated on the evaporator side of the production processes.

The global oil and gas giant, British Petroleum based in London, opened its second office in Hungary, in Szeged. Located in a historic building that needed to meet the company's highest standards of energy efficiency and employee comfort. Modern Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) devices were installed for the office environment and comfort, providing nearly 700 kW of heating and 500 kW of cooling power. The air handling systems are equipped with the most efficient rotary heat exchangers, and for office comfort over the winter period, Ventosus designed air humidifiers utilising steam atomisation. Show me »

One of the titans of the Hungarian food retail sector, Hansa-Kontakt, a subsidiary of the CBA supermarket chain, commissioned Ventosus to provide design solutions for their 30,000 square metre distribution and logistic centre. Ventosus developed a unique heating system which employs log gasification biomass boilers with a total output of almost 400 kW and are capable of directly accepting logs of one metre raw length derived from logging operations. Show me »

In addition more recent Ventosus projects include the construction of the Ferenc Csík Swimming Pool venue in Kaposvár, named after the Hungarian Olympic Swimming Champion, and a uniquely designed Lace Thermal Bath and Spa complex, being built in Kiskunhalas, in honour of the world-famous lace-making tradition. Together, these facilities require more than 5 MW of power. The efficiency of the Ventosus solution was increased by using water-to-water heat pumps, which also satisfied the cooling needs of the facilities. In order to control humidity in the swimming and thermal bath spaces, Ventosus designed the use of special air-handling units specifically developed for this purpose, moving a total volume of 350,000 cubic metres per hour of air. Show me »

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