SPA and FINA swimming pool retrofitting in Kaposvár

Sept 20, 2023

Exciting New Milestones in Sustainable Energy Management!

We’re thrilled to announce a significant achievement with retrofitting sustainable energy into the existing systems at the Virág- and Élményfürdő in Kaposvár, along with the Csík Ferenc Sports Swimming Pool, to meet international FINA standards.

With the implementation of a cutting-edge 800 kW Carrier HVAC heat pump cascade system, we’re set to optimize thermal water usage to the fullest. Working closely with SmartCool Engineering Ltd.’s engineering team was crucial in choosing the right equipment for this milestone. Our energy management integrates high-efficient intelligent GRUNDFOS e-pumps and TA Smart valves from IMI Hydronic Engineering, ensuring peak efficiency.

The project also encompassed a complete modernization and retrofit of BMS (Building Management System) by the addition of frequency-controlled swimming pool water circulation and integration of improved air conditioning control systems, aligning with evolving load demands.

We’re eager to make strides towards a greener, more sustainable future through the execution of this project. Our objective is simple: collectively contribute to environmental preservation, minimizing our carbon footprint by maximizing the utilization of renewable energies.

If you are facing similar tasks or wish to experience our dedication to enhanced efficiency, we invite you to reach out to our team.

If you are an Engineer with a similar mindset on creating highly efficient green projects, why not join our team?

Let’s work together for a better tomorrow!



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